We left the marina…

I feel a mild fraud saying the adventure has started as there has been a lot of hanging out in Nanny Cay marina! We had high hopes that we’d be out of here cruising the BVIs on day 2. However, with any boat ownership comes tinkering & wallet emptying. Not on moth ownership scale, but a few things to take care of. Our primary issue has been changing anchors to one with a cat’s chance in hell of holding us. It didn’t fit through the windlass & some welding etc was needed. We’re on Island time so it’s taken a while. There was also a potential tropical storm forecast for the weekend which caused a bit of angst & made us reluctant to give up our cheap rate berth. Don’t worry Mum this looks like it’s now going to pass some 200 miles north of us….we’ll keep an eye.

Yesterday we were getting restless & we finally left the marina for a shake down sail on our fine new yacht! All systems go & Chris didn’t seem to disappointed by the lack of foiling. Harry was stoked. Lily was underwhelmed & slept through the whole thing.

The bonus to marina life (apart from the showers, pool & bar) has been meeting other families doing similar things. Pete, Janine & their 3 boys from Australia were the 1st guests onboard. A lovely family 5 months in, they have imparted much knowledge. Harry has stuck to Tom like glue. Despite being on enforced holidays (thanks Lu Chigs) he joined Tom for homeschooling – amazed that he’s keen! Dave & Dawn next door on a 67ft cat have helped us no end too.

Thursday saw Chris get legitimately excited about doing 8 knots on our way back from anchoring near Peter Island. Lily even managed to be conscious for some of the journey back to Nanny Cay! Simple life indeed it is. I went all Martha Stewart & baked cookies. Have no fear this will not last.

We’ve been asked a few questions in the last few days so here goes with answers:

– We have never been cruising as a family. No try before you buy 1 week bareboat charter. No, we went all in with commitment & a massive purchase after selling a house.
– We don’t know if the kids get seasick. I believe everyone has a tolerance. I’m sure we’ll nudge it in some of the swells & sharp chops.
– We have no definitive plan or timeframe. It’s all dependent on Chris’s work & what happens with the America’s Cup & how much we enjoy cruising.
– Basic plan is to cruise the Carribbean until February. Hide south for the latter part of hurricane season as we have arrangements to lift out in Antigua as needed.
– If come February we’re still sailing & all sane we may head across the Pacific & make our way to New Zealand.
– The boat is a Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41 that we bought out here in the BVIs.
– Yes we looked for a long time with lots of help to find the boat. Particular thanks to Rod Waterhouse, Elvira Llabres and Pablo for that.
– Yes we intend to homeschool the kids!
– No I am not a Teacher & quite frankly I went round the houses & was slightly blinded by all advice & curriculums. We have the basics & will supplement where we can.
– Yes we’re all pretty nervous but you only live once & we wanted to grab this opportunity by the horns. The chance to show the kids some of the world by boat is too good to miss.
– Yes we could have waited but we don’t believe there is the perfect time…,

Best quotes of the day:
“I can’t believe we actually live on a boat” said Harry.
“Living in a house was so boring” said Lily.

No *#$#arama quotes from Chris all day- result!?

5 thoughts on “We left the marina…

  1. With all the love you show the family and the pleasure of getting to learn just a little of courage from the children with their personalities they have given me along with you and husband a new look on life and I needed that I really miss drawing for the children but that will one day happen,again Helen with all my love for the family have the greatest pleasure ever love always…xxxxxxx.


  2. Fantastic! Especially Chris’s awesome quote, it is my fav word of the year! Looks like you guys are having a great time already, loving the blog!


  3. Love it! Love your answers to the “questions” 😂 We got lots of comments and questions when we took our kids out of school last year to show them the world. We are hoping to do something similar to you next year, but we have never sailed so we might need to do some learning first. Have fun! The “perfect time” to do it is right now. Love your photos too.


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