It’s coming home….

So here cocooned in my dream life whilst gearing up for a monumental adventure across the Pacific we’ve been chilling in Grenada & are still managing to keep abreast of the footie & the fact it’s clearly coming home…..

My parents have been visiting and we’ve been reconnecting with cruising friends & as ever meeting new families & sharing great moments.

Harry’s been cruising the bay hunting out play dates & picking up bread in his oppie & scoring some waves a few hundred yards from the boat whilst Lily has been a minx.

We gave Mum & Dad a “Cutty” tour of Grenada learning about all manner of fruits & stellar spots along the way. We sipped on 75% rum having watched its rather hazardous production at “Rivers” rum factory. They make the kind of strength useful for cleaning out cuts because “we can”. Kind of lucky no kids ended up in a boiling vat of cane sugar!

Another highlight of the day was finally enticing some wild Mona monkeys out of the trees by Etang crater lake on the middle of the island.

We had hurricane Beryl fizzle out & head north yesterday, so things are swell in Prickly Bay. But as ever in hurricane season you have to stay on your game.

We envisaged heading west & moving on through the Pacific early next year. However, life takes funny turns & in the last few weeks we’ve made the monumental decision to put our cruising plans on hold & move back to the UK. This means our stunning home will soon be on the market…..can’t type for tears!!

Chris has been offered a fantastic opportunity to go back to his first ever job working in McDonald’s………just kidding! At the end of the day the point here is that as a family we’re moving away from sailing & in a new direction for a while.

Life is never dull that’s for sure & I do love a international relocation! I may also regret promising the children another pet if were ever moved back to land, thinking I could put it off for a few years!!

We are very lucky that during the last week our tenants have kindly agreed to move out and we’ve managed to find a school willing to take our mildly feral boat-schooled children in Dorset.

Whilst this move is certainly going to be a shock to the system I’ve reframed it in my mind. Not many people are lucky to follow their dreams for a year, even fewer are lucky enough to do it again. This is a pause not a full stop. It might be many years before we complete our trip but we’ll be back because this lifestyle has stolen our hearts. It was a decision we shall never regret.

Whatever the next adventure is….we’re jumping in.

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